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nds of dollars." "Kinder gorgeous, aint it?" said the other complacently. "I like to make a show, I do. That's me. I like to have folks say, 'He's worth money.'" "Only natural," said Denton. "What a consummate ass!" he muttered to himself. There was a little more conversation, and then the stout man gaped and look

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ed sleepy. "I didn't sleep much last night," he said. "I guess I'll get a nap if I can." "You'd better," said Denton, an eager hope rising in his br


east. "A man can't do without sleep." "Of course he can't. You jest wake me up when we get to the depot." "Have no trouble about that," said Denton quickly. "

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I'll be sure to let you know." In less than five minutes the stranger was breathing heavily, his head thrown back and his eyes closed beneath the red handkerch

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ief that covered his face. Denton looked at him with glittering eyes. "If I only had that diamond," he said to himself, "my fortune would be made. I'd realize on



it and go to Europe till all was blown over." Everything seemed favorable to his purpose. First, he was in disguise. He would not easily be identified as the thief by anyone who noticed his present ap

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